VRM's Welcome Home: A User's Guide

Welcome Home!
VRM is excited to announce the newest addition to our feature family: Welcome Home! This addition will give you the opportunity to communicate directly with your guests via email, text message, and directly through the Guest Extranet. You can set up messages to be sent to all your guests for reoccurring events, or specific messages for specific events or guests. While we are sure you will tailor this functionality to your company’s needs, some of the things this would be useful for include sending a scheduled message 2 days after check-out thanking your guests for staying with you, sending a reminder that their second payment is due, sending an emergency message regarding details of a hurricane evacuation, and sending a message letting your guests know their rental property is clean and ready for check-in. Imagine how much time you can save by being able to communicate with all your guests at one time!
Now that you have purchased Welcome Home, you might find yourself a little overwhelmed with all the possible ways you can use it. The examples we provide are only a few ways to use Welcome Home, just the tip of the iceberg. As always, we value your feedback. Please let us know if there is something else we can provide to assist you in using Welcome Home. Thank you for continuing to let us work for you!

Use the following links for a Video How To presentation of Welcome Home:

 3.4 - Event Messages 

Revision 3.9